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Why Smiles Are So All-Powerful

Why Smiles Are So All-Powerful

It may not be so easy to believe that each one of us has a superpower we can draw on. After all, which human has the natural ability to fly, breathe fire or shapeshift? These are abilities that are reserved for our inspiring imaginary heroes and far out of reach of mere mortals. But, what if we do have access to one ability that is able to move mountains (metaphorically speaking, of course). Consider for a moment the wondrous effects of a genuine, perfectly aligned smile.

A warm smile is able to uplift and encourage others, convey compassion, offer friendship and soften hard hearts. Not many imaginary so-called superpowers can be said to offer the same value. And this is just its effects on others.

The smile as a superpower

A smile not only triggers a resoundingly positive reaction in all within its reach but has an equally desirable effect on the wearer, too. A confident smile has long fingers that are able to reach deep within oneself, igniting feelings of happiness and joy. When a person smiles, the brain receives a simple message – produces more good-feeling endorphins that continues to sustain feelings of joy. It is even considered by some that just by smiling, the brain can be tricked into thinking it is happy even if the person is not.

Why Smiles Are So All-Powerful

Another looked-for-effect of smiling is its effect on delivering confidence and boosting self-esteem. The link to confidence is just one of the reasons why an increasing number of adult orthodontic patients look to modern orthodontic treatments to straighten teeth. One such teeth-correcting method is Invisalign Wimbledon which is custom-made, barely visible, removable aligner-like braces that help to realign teeth that are out of position, crowded or have gaps in between them.

Confidence is the irreplaceable key to achieving success in every facet of life: at work, personal relationships and even health. And it is people who are ready and willing to smile that infectious eye-crinkling smile that can produce that confidence so needed to grab life’s opportunities by the proverbial horns. The sad fact is that smiling“>15 per cent of adults in the UK lack the confidence to smile open wide smiles. This is mainly due to the look of their teeth where crowded teeth or teeth out of alignment can create feelings of awkwardness and embarrassment. Adult orthodontics offers a way for persons with teeth alignment and other issues to correct these issues that prevent them from reaping the benefits of a confident smile.

Smiling is an inherent part of how we interact with each other, whether we are at work or at play. Smiles are looked to convey information about how we feel and even our capabilities to others. The lack of an open smile may suggest to others that we lack the competence to carry out a task or that we are unapproachable and unfriendly – all of which we would best like to avoid.

Anyone considering orthodontic treatment to enhance the look of their smiles can arrange for a consultation at Dental Rooms to find the most suitable treatment plan.

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