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Never Underestimate The Power Of A Search Engine

Never Underestimate The Power Of A Search Engine

A lot of business people assume that if they are good at what they do then they do not need to advertise as intensely, as people will naturally come flocking to their doors and tell everybody that they know to go there too.

It would be great if this was true, but unfortunately it isn’t. These days word-of-mouth advertising never gets very far, and the amount of competitive businesses that surround yours is likely to forever be increasing.

When it comes to going to a dentist, a majority of people will pick up their smartphone, laptop or tablet and load up the Google homepage to see what comes up when they type in “dentist near me” or “where can I get my teeth whitened?”. google-seo.html”>Dental SEO is what will make your practice’s website stand out from the rest, coming up within the top search results, featuring your blog through Google Snippets and making sure that it’s your practice’s website that people settle on when they are trying to find a reliable dentist.

There are so many things that can contribute towards search engine optimisation, such as having a professional blog, increasing your Google presence and making use of keywords throughout your website.

What is a professional blog?

A lot of websites have a blog, but a professional blog can dramatically increase your chances of appearing in the top few Google results. A majority of people who use Google do not ever scroll past the first page of results, so if your practice’s website is not featured here at all it is likely to go unnoticed quite a lot. Ideally you want to be posting blog posts regularly to keep everything up to date, which is another reason why hiring a professional to do this for you is a good idea, as it will save you a considerable amount of time. Wording is key within these blog posts too. Placing keywords strategically throughout a post means that your webpage is more likely to appear higher up in search engine results when people search for those particular keywords. Examples of keywords could include things like which treatments you offer, your location and tooth-related issues.

Are you on Google Maps?


Never Underestimate The Power Of A Search Engine

Google Maps is becoming an incredibly popular marketing tool to use when it comes to advertising your business locally. People often search for places that are close by and being a part of Google Maps means that you will pop up as a pin on the map that appears at the top of the Google results page when someone searches for a practice nearby. In addition to this you can add your address, contact information and opening hours so people can find all of the information they need at the click of a button. Ensuring that you enable the call button and directions to your practice means that you are likely to get even more patients, as it requires almost no effort for them at all to give you a ring to make an appointment or find their way to your practice. Any reviews that your practice has can be viewed through your profile on Google Maps too, so a lot of five star reviews from past patients will encourage future patients to choose you over another practice who has less positive reviews.

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