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Why Does The Face You Put On Matter So Much

Why Does The Face You Put On Matter So Much

There are two essential needs a human being depends on in forming and maintaining healthy relationships with others: positive self-esteem and acceptance. It may be surprising to hear but the simple smile plays a hugely influential role in both of these needs. It may be why people who are insecure about their looks are turning to aesthetics-focused treatments like Invisalign Leicester to improve their appearance.

There has been much discussion on the relation between facial and body aesthetics with self-worth, quality of life and social perceptions. In a report on body image, the Mental Health UK organization has found that how we see our bodies (thoughts and feelings) has an influence on how we lead our lives. In relation to self-esteem, in particular, one online study carried out by the organization, revealed that 34 percent of adults felt low or unhappy with how they looked.

How has it come to be that a ‘desirable’ appearance plays such a heavyweight role in our lives? Part of the reason can be laid at the door of modern society that has created an obsession with youthful looks. It can be said that, now more than ever, thanks to the rise in social media, selfies and reality TV, we have an unhealthy dependency or focus on how we look to others.

The problem is that the effect of low self-esteem does not just end before the mirror when we look at ourselves but reaches into our working and social worlds.

Why looking your best is so important?

Why Does The Face You Put On Matter So Much

In forming social perceptions of others, whether in the workplace or in social circles, how we look to others plays a critical role. Our appearance at first glance can convey particular gobbets of information to others – whether we are capable, friendly or approachable. This perceived information can then be used to our benefit such as being promoted at work or finding a lover, or to our disadvantage –not being hired.

There are other occasions, too, when appearance discrimination may come into play. Again, in the workplace, employees can be treated differently based on their looks and can be discriminated against even when their proficiencies at work have been proven. The opposite can be proved true when a good-looking employee is promoted because they are found to be more attractive than a more deserving employee who has a less-than desirable appearance.

Research after research continues to point to the appearance-bias at play in different contexts. Good looks have come to be equated with value – the better the looks, the higher the value one holds. This value then translates into success, and, or higher earnings. Less attractive people are more likely to be bullied or made fun of because of their appearance.

There is a strong correlation between dental health, appearance and confidence and a cosmetic dental treatment available at Smile Care Dental Clinic can help you achieve all three. As a significant non-verbal cue, a radiant smile can convey a mightily positive message. Schedule a consultation with a competent, friendly dental practitioner to discuss all available options and other pertinent information.

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