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Tattoo Procedures and their Effective Removal

Tattoo Procedures and their Effective Removal

Tattoos have become synonymous with adulthood. Almost every person today chooses to get a tattoo to celebrate their ability to make permanent decisions for themselves. However, that does not reduce the number of people wanting to get their tattoos off. What is done on a whim is sure to leave regrets as the whim passes. Tattoos are no different.

And so comes the saviour to most of these people – laser tattoo removal procedures.

To know how effective tattoo removal procedures can be, it is equally essential to understand how tattoo applications work.

Getting a tattoo appears painful and for good reason. The method of tattoo application involves the use of a needle that repeatedly punctures the skin, ensuring the injection of ink below the surface of the skin. The point of puncturing the skin and getting the ink to the dermis is to ensure that the ink doesn’t fade with the shedding of the upper skin layer in the form of dead cells.

As the ink particles penetrate the upper layer, the immune system is activated, identifying these particles as foreign to the body. In their response to flush these particles out, the macrophage cells gathering around the ink particles end up trapping the particles in the dermis as they are too large to expel. The trapped ink is then visible to us as tattoos that are permanent and forever-visible.

Effective and Quick Tattoo Removal Procedures

With tattoos involving puncturing the skin to deposit ink particles in the dermis, it is only inevitable that the treatments involve a way to reach out to the dermis in order to deal with the ink, without causing any damage to the upper skin. While it may seem impossible, the advent of lasers have made treating the lower layers of skin possible without harming the surface layer. 

Q-switched lasers have become a common treatment option for laser tattoo removal in Melbourne wherein concentrated light pulses are fired into the skin in nanoseconds through the laser. The energy is absorbed by the ink in the dermis, effectively breaking them down into tiny particles. Once the ink is broken down, the body does its part by flushing these broken ink particles out through the bloodstream and the lymphatic system.

While the ink is immediately broken down, flushing them out can take a while, resulting in the tattoo appearing lighter and lighter with each session. In fact, some may also require multiple sessions to break down the ink, depending on how large the tattoo is or the colours used, since every colour may absorb the energy pulses at varied wavelengths.

Most lasers come with the features that help change the settings for a more customised treatment for each patient. From the duration of the pulses to beam width, every aspect of the treatment can be monitored to improve the efficiency of the treatment.

Now that you know all there is to know, you can simply visit your laser tattoo removal clinic in Melbourne for a better understanding of how the treatment could work for you. Apart from helping with tattoo removal, laser procedures can also be used to remove skin tags in Melbourne. 

Depending on your need, you can get a consultation to find out all you need to, from the tattoo removal Melbourne cost to the effectiveness of the treatment for skin tags. With laser procedures getting more and more advanced, you can be sure to have unmarred skin by the end of your treatment.

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